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  1. Adrian
    I think not covering App Store deals is sensible. I've noticed on macupdate that there're many more programs being listed each day. If deals increased in proportion the extra quantity it wouldn't be so bad. But from what you've said above, the rate and randomness of price changes just makes it ridiculous. Frankly, that actually puts me off wanting to purchase anything. The signal to noise increase would bury the sort of deals you normally feature here. I think it would be a mistake for developers to sell exclusively through the App Store. Let's hope many will continue to participate with mupromo, maczot, etc, so we can continue to read about the deals here.
  2. harringg
    Thanks for the link to App Shopper. I just downloaded it to my iPhone and using it's filter feature, downloaded ~$15-20 of free apps. All Categories + Free + Price Drop
  3. Dave
    This looks like a really nice site, thanks! I also DL'd a small, simple app which is quite limited in scope, but I find it useful for a really quick peek when I don't have a bunch of time to explore. It's called "Store News".
  4. Alfred
    That's definitely a sensible decision. But why not do some editorial work and post just the really cool deals, like Coda for 90% off? ;) Seriously, I'd appreciate it if you handpicked the best deals.
  5. Adrian
    Coda for 90% off. Damn, I need to hurry up my hard disk spring cleaning and upgrade to Snow Leopard. :)

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